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Do You Know Where Your Food Came From?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Brittany helping transfer plants to the green house

Organic, all natural, natural? What does it all mean? Is it the same? How much better is this than that?

Honestly it doesn't have the same meanings it used to. Yeah the animals get organic or non gmo feed but are still packed together like sardines living in their own feces. Try and tell me that's real healthy. And yes some are better than others.

Tell me though when you go to the store do you know, really know how that animal was raised? Was it healthy? What is the true quality of it?

Don't panic I have an answer for you. Know your farmer!! Here you get to see the animals for yourself. Know they are being raised right for the benefit of them and yourself. You then can have the confidence that what you are eating is the quality you pay for!

I encourage everyone with meat and produce to know your farmer so you can have confidence in what you are eating.

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