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Who's Your Farmer?

Last week I was informed that it was National Farmers Day.

This got me thinking about how many people don't know their farmer. Do you?

That meat or produce you bought this week do you know what farm it came from? Do you know how it was cared for? These are things, sadly most of the people in America can't answer.

We are so blessed as a family to be able to share what we enjoy doing with you all. Letting you be able to see the care and joy that goes into raising these beautiful animals.

I spent today canning pickles with my children and feeling so blessed that with my green house, I am still putting up food. I know where it came from and what's in it for myself.

I encourage everyone to know their farmer and where there food comes from. Even if it is in a small way. There is a peace of mind that you can't get any where else.

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